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Personal Collection
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A collection of @ 100,000 specimens of Lepidoptera from NA, strengths in Noctuoidea. This is a synoptic collection used as a reference collection for my studies on North American Lepidoptera.  The collection of 50 years grows every year, however the bulk of specimens collected each year is given to other public instituions where they are more readily available to other researchers. Principle recipients are NMNH (Smithsonian), Michigan State University, University of New Mexico, and while I was in Ohio (1986-2005), much material went to the collection of The Ohio Lepidopterists at Ohio State University.
The collection is bequeathed to the Albert J. Cook Research Collection of Arthropods at Michigan State University, East Lansing, Midhigan, USA

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Biological: Exoskeletons
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Sample Treatment: Dried
Sample Treatment: Fluid preserved
Sample Treatment: Pinned
Sample Treatment: Slide mount
Storage Environment: Frozen (-20)
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Specimens are available for loan and study by others, each request is assessed at the time of the request.
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P.O. Box 45
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New Mexico
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