Personal Collection: Daniel H. Janzen and Winnie Hallwachs at University of Pennsylvania

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Personal Collection
DHJanzen and WHallwachs
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Database of adult moths, butterflies, caterpillars, and their parasitoids, from Area de Conservacion (ACG) in northwestern Costa Rica.

University of Pennsylvania is only a clearing house. All specimens are in slow or fast transit for donation to to public institutional collections. To know which is going where, contact us at and Primary specimen recipients are American Museum of Natural History, Monell Cryofacility (New York, N. Y.), National Museum of Natural History (Washington,D.C.), American Entomological Institute (Gainesville, Florida), McGuire Biodiversity Center (Gainesville, Florida), Canadian National Collection (Ottawa, Ontario), INBio (Santo Domingo de Heredia, Costa Rica), and others.

Specimens are either oven dried (pinned, spread, mounted) in the field in ACG in Costa Rica, or preserved in 95% ETOH and refrigerated or frozen (-20C) until later processing and deposition in an institutional collection.

Caterpillars and wild-caught adult Lepidoptera are individually voucher coded with a voucher code of the kind yy-SRNP-x to yy-SRNP-xxxxx if reared, or yy-SRNP-xxxxxx if wild-caught. If parasites reared from a SRNP voucher, the parasite receives also its own individual voucher code of the format DHJPARxxxxxxx (though if it was a lot reared from one caterpillar, only the individuals selected from that lot for individual treatment receive the DHJPARxxxxxxx individual code. It is hoped that the SRNP and DHJPAR acronyms will not be used by other collections to distinguish their voucher codes from others.

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