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GRSciCOLL Staff Members are any type of staff that is involved with the collections. They can be associated with the institution and/or any type of collection.

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Last Namesort descending First Name Primary Institution Institution Code Country Research Specialty
Akilo Stan Forestry Commission EFH<IH> Nigeria Flora of Nigeria; especially Meliaceae; Irvingiaceae; Moraceae; Burseraceae; and Sterculiaceae; ethnobotany
Akinci Sener University of Marmara MUFE<IH> Turkey Flora of Turkey; plant physiology
AKINWALE Mohammad-Monzoor NIGERIAN INSTITUTE FOR OCEANOGRAPHY AND MARINE RESEARCH NIOMR Nigeria DNA barcoding; Genetic characterization of parasites and pathogens; Ecology
Akiyama Hiroyuki Museum of Nature and Human Activities HYO<IH> Japan Bryophytes
Akoegninou A. Université National du Bénin BENIN<IH> Benin Flora of Benin
Aksoy Necmi University of Istanbul ISTO<IH> Turkey Flora of Turkey; plant sociology and evolution
Aksoy Necmi Düzce University DUOF<IH> Turkey Woody species of Turkey (Pinaceae, Cupressaceae, Fagaceae, Betulaceae, Aceraceae, Rhamnaceae; <Centaurea>; plant vegetation
Akulov Alexander V. N. Karazin Kharkiv National University CWU Ukraine Ascomycota; anamorphic fungi; heterobasidiomycetes
Al-Ani Hikmat University of Baghdad BUA<IH> Iraq Plant and desert ecology
Al-Ansari Abdulla King Saud University KSU<IH> Saudi Arabia Phytogeography; ecology
Al-Barhawi Riyadh University of Mosul MSUH<IH> Iraq Flora of Iraq
Al-Edani Taha University of Basrah BSRA<IH> Iraq Convolvulaceae; especially <Convolvulus>; <Ipomaea>; and <Cressa>
Al-Gohary Iman Desert Research Center, Mataria CAIH<IH> Egypt Flora of Egypt
Al-Hakemi Abdul-Basit University of Taiz HTU<IH> Yemen Ecology; physiology; vascular plants
Al-Hasan Redha Kuwait University KTUH<IH> Kuwait Arabian algae
Al-Helfi Monder University of Basrah BSRA<IH> Iraq Geraniaceae; especially <Erodium> and <Geranium>
Al-Hemaid Fahad King Saud University KSU<IH> Saudi Arabia Desert flora; sand dune vegetation
Al-Juwayed Abdul-Aziz National Agriculture and Water Research Center RIY<IH> Saudi Arabia Saudi range flora
Al-Khanagri Sherif Agricultural Research Center CAIM<IH> Egypt Flora of Egypt; prohibited plants
Al-Khayat Abdul-Hussain Salahiddin University ARB<IH> Iraq