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GRSciCOLL Staff Members are any type of staff that is involved with the collections. They can be associated with the institution and/or any type of collection.

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Last Namesort descending First Name Primary Institution Institution Code Country Research Specialty
Zhyrova O. Central Siberian Botanical Garden NS<IH> Russia Asteraceae
Ziaja Jadwiga Polish Academy of Sciences KRAM<IH> Poland Mesozoic palynology; mesozoic fossil plants, spores and pollen grains of Poland
Zickel Carmen Sílvia Universidade Federal Rural de Pernambuco PEUFR<IH> Brazil <Lamanonia> and <Weinmannia>, Cunoniaceae, of Brazil; flora of beach (restinga) and Atlantic forest
Zielinski Mike DOI/BLM, Winnemucca District Herbarium WDNE<IH> USA Flora of Nevada
Zietsman Pieter National Museum NMB<IH> South Africa Pollination biology; medicinal plants; biodiversity
Ziffer-Berger Jotham Hebrew University HUJ<IH> Israel Brassicaceae; trees of Israel; flora of Southern Brazi
Zihalirwa B. Centre de Recherche en Sciences Naturelles (CRSN/Lwiro) LWI<IH> Democratic Republic of the Congo Agromycology
Zimba Noah Division of Forest Research NDO<IH> Zambia Silviculture; Fabaceae; ethnobotany
Zimkus Breda Museum of Comparative Zoology MCZ USA
Zimmerman Dale Western New Mexico University SNM<IH> USA Cactaceae; flora of southwestern New Mexico
Zimudzi Clemence Botanic Garden SRGH<IH> Zimbabwe Petaloid monocotyledons
Ziobro George HHS/FDA FDA USA Curator of the FDA's herbarium of plants used as foods or dietary supplements and FDA’s collection of authenticated insects and extraneous material found in foods. His research evaluates the significance of the presence of filth and extraneous materials in foods, evaluating these materials for their risk to human health instead of just as aesthetic or economic adulterants.
Zitti Silvia Dipartimento di Scienze Agrarie, Alimentari ed Ambientali, Università Politecnica delle Marche ANC<IH> Italy Flora of Italy; ecology
Zizka Georg Senckenberg Forschungsinstitut und Naturmuseum FR<IH> Germany Bromeliaceae; Poaceae; Quiinaceae
Zjhra Michelle Georgia Southern University GSU
Zlatkov Boyan University of Sofia, Biology Faculty BFUS Bulgaria entomology: Lepidoptera
Zmarzty Sue Royal Botanic Gardens K<IH> United Kingdom Flacourtiaceae worldwide
Zmrhalová Magda Okresní vlastivedné muzeum v Sumperku SUM<IH> Czech Republic Flora of northern Moravia
Zoghbi Graça Museu Paraense Emílio Goeldi MG<IH> Brazil Chemistry of aromatic plants; curator of essential oil collection
Zohary Daniel Hebrew University HUJ<IH> Israel Poaceae; wild relatives of cultivated plants native to Mediterranean basin and southwestern Asia