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GRSciCOLL Staff Members are any type of staff that is involved with the collections. They can be associated with the institution and/or any type of collection.

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Last Namesort descending First Name Primary Institution Institution Code Country Research Specialty
Aguirre Ceballos Jaime Universidad Nacional de Colombia COL<IH> Colombia Bryophytes and lichens of Colombia.
Aguirre León Ernesto Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, Iztacala IZTA<IH> Mexico Taxonomy and tissue culture of Orchidaceae
Aguirre Mendoza Zhore Universidad Nacional de Loja LOJA<IH> Ecuador Ecology
Aguirre-Hudson Begoña Royal Botanic Gardens K<IH> United Kingdom Lichens; non-lichenized Dothideales
Aguirre-Hudson Begoña United Kingdom lichenised and facultatively lichenised fungi; especially those with pyrenocarpous fruting bodies
Agulló Jordi Museu de Ciències Naturals de Barcelona MCNB Spain
Aguraiuja Ruth Tallinn Botanic Garden, Department of Environmental Education TALL<IH> Estonia Vascular plants, especially pteridophytes
Agwanda Bernard National Museums of Kenya NMK Kenya Taxonomy and biogeography of mammals
Ah Peng Claudine Université de la Réunion REU<IH> Reunion Bryophytes of Africa
Ahmad Saleem Pakistan Museum of Natural History PMNH<IH> Pakistan Asteraceae of Pakistan; flora of northern Pakistan and Punjab; ecology
Ahmad B. Universiti Malaysia Sabah BORH<IH> Malaysia Commercial trees
Ahmad Habib Hazara University HUP<IH> Pakistan Conservation Biology; plant diverseity of Hindu Kush, Himalayas; genetics
Ahmad Ijaz Hazara University HUP<IH> Pakistan Conservation Biology; plant diversity of Hindu Kush, Himalayas
Ahmad Saman Sulaimania University SUFA<IH> Iraq Kurdistan flora
Aholelei Waikato Ministry of Agriculture and Food, Forestry and Fisheries TON<IH> Tonga General botany; plant pathology; vascular plants and crops of the Pacific Islands; flora of Tonga and Pacific Islands
Ahti Teuvo University of Helsinki H<IH> Finland Lichen-forming fungi; especially Cladoniaceae; neotropical <Cladonia>; lichen flora of Finland and Canada; especially Newfoundland; nomenclature
Ahuja Paramvir Singh Institute of Himalayan Bioresource Technology PLP<IH> India Genetic modification of plants; conservation biology
Ahumada Osvaldo Universidad Nacional de Jujuy JUA<IH> Argentina Weeds; Cyperaceae
Ahumada Luisa Universidad Nacional del Nordeste CTESN<IH> Argentina Aristolochiaceae; <Croton> and <Julocroton>, Euphorbiaceae
Ai Xi-Zhi Hubei College of Traditional Chinese Medicine ECM<IH> China Medicinal plants of Hubei