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GRSciCOLL Staff Members are any type of staff that is involved with the collections. They can be associated with the institution and/or any type of collection.

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Last Namesort descending First Name Primary Institution Institution Code Country Research Specialty
Abdelsayed Mohamed Agricultural Research Center CAIM<IH> Egypt Chemotaxonomy; aromatic medicinal plants
Abdo Melissa Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden FTG<IH> USA Conservation biology;; GIS; conservation planning and adaptive management of protected areas in the landscape mosaic;; focal areas S. Florida, the Caribbean, and S.E. Asia
Abdul Majid Haji University of Malaya KLU<IH> Malaysia Malaysian mosses
Abdulhak Sylvain Conservatoire Botanique National Alpin GAP<IH> France Systematics and geography of the alpine and Mediterranean flora
Abdulina S. Ministry of Science, Academy of Sciences AA<IH> Kazakhstan Computer databases; <Oxytropis>; Fabaceae
Abdullah Julaihi Department of Forestry SAR<IH> Malaysia Flora of Sabah and Sarawak; ecology
Abdullah Soad Ain Shams University CAIA<IH> Egypt Floral morphology of Apocynaceae
Abe Tsuyoshi Hokkaido University SAP<IH> Japan Marine algae
Abe Yukiko Akita Prefectural Museum AKPM<IH> Japan Flora of Japan
Abele Gaida University of Latvia RIG<IH> Latvia Vascular plants; conservation
Abid Rubina University of Karachi KUH<IH> Pakistan Pakistan Asteraceae (Inuleae, Plucheeae and Gnaphalieae)
Abner Olev Tallinn Botanic Garden, Department of Environmental Education TALL<IH> Estonia Vascular plants, especially Ericales
Aboal Sanjurjo Marina Universidad de Murcia MUB<IH> Spain Algae
Abou-Salama Usama Ain Shams University CAIA<IH> Egypt <Bryum>; Bryaceae; flora of southern Sinai; Isthmic Desert; and oases
Abraczinskas Laura
Abrahamson Warren Bucknell University BUPL<IH> USA Evolutionary plant ecology; herbivore-plant interactions; fire ecology
Abramov Nikolai Mari State University YOLA<IH> Russia Phytogeography; comparative floristics; flora of Volgo-Vyatka region
Abramova A. V. L. Komarov Botanical Institute LE<IH> Russia Central Asian mosses
Abramova A. V. L. Komarov Botanical Institute LE<IH> Russia Central Asian mosses
Abreu Jardim Roberto Jardim Botânico da Madeira MADJ<IH> Portugal