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Institutional and Project Collections are those collections associated with a larger Institution but vary based on how they are managed. Institutional Collections are those collections that have been formally accessioned into the Institution and receive some level of institutional support. Project Collections are those that were collected by a researcher associated with an institution but have not been formally accessioned into the institution's collections. Project Collections may eventually become part of the Institutional Collections or remain under the management and control of the individual researchers.

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Collection Code Collection Name Institution Code Institution Name Country Accession Statussort descending Status
PRO Protozoa ESFM Museum of Faculty of Fisheries, Ege University Turkey Institutional Active
OUIP Invertebrate Paleontology BHO Ohio University Herbarium USA Institutional Active
SSLP Shrub Sciences Lab Herbarium SSLP<IH> USDA/FS, Rocky Mountain Research Station, Shrub Sciences Laboratory USA Institutional Active
TRI Trichoptera NMV Museum Victoria Institutional Active
Herp Amphibians and Reptiles APSU Austin Peay State University USA Institutional Active
Para Parasite Collection, Museum of Southwestern Biology MSB Museum of Southwestern Biology USA Institutional Active
SCP Scaphopoda ESFM Museum of Faculty of Fisheries, Ege University Turkey Institutional Active
NC7 Northcentral Regional Plant Introduction Station Germplasm Collection GRIN USDA/ARS, Germplasm Resources Information Network (GRIN) - Plant Germplasm USA Institutional Active
Bird Bird DMNH Delaware Museum of Natural History USA Institutional Active
SJRW Samuel J. Record (SJRw) Collection CWAR USDA/FS, Forest Product Laboratory, Center for Wood Anatomy Research USA Institutional Active
Fiocruz CMT Mycological Collection of Trichocomaceae Fiocruz Fundação Oswaldo Cruz Brazil Institutional Active
INHS - Mollusk Illinois Natural History Survey Mollusk Collection INHS Illinois Natural History Survey USA Institutional Active
ICCDRS Terrestrial Invertebrate Collection of the Charles Darwin Foundation CDF Charles Darwin Foundation for the Galapagos Islands Ecuador Institutional Active
DNAFR Forestry Species - DNA BioGene Gujarat Biodiversity Gene Bank India Institutional Active
Mamm Mammals UTEP University of Texas at El Paso Biodiversity Collections USA Institutional Active
Herp Division of Amphibians and Reptiles USNM Smithsonian Institution, National Museum of Natural History USA Institutional Active
INVP Invertebrate Paleontology - Invert Paleo Specimens OMNH Sam Noble Oklahoma Museum of Natural History USA Institutional Active
SUR Stanford Reptiles CAS California Academy of Sciences USA Institutional Active
AV Ornithology Collection SBMNH Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History USA Institutional Active
SANC National Collection of Insects SANC Agricultural Research Council-Plant Protection Research Institute South Africa Institutional Active