The Global Registry of Scientific Collections (GRSciColl)

GRSciColl is a community-curated, comprehensive clearinghouse of information about object-based scientific collections. GRSciColl serves a registry function for  InstitutionCodes  and  CollectionCodes  (elements of the DarwinCore data standard in biology) that enable publications and databases to point unambiguously to collections and their contents.

Designed to be truly interdisciplinary, GRSciColl includes and accepts data on institutions and collections that span all scientific disciplines including earth and space sciences, anthropology, archaeology, biology, biomedicine, and applied fields such as agriculture, veterinary medicine, and technology.

The main goals of GRSciColl are:

  1. To improve access to information about institutions the scientific collections they hold and to facilitate access to the staff members who manage them, and
  2. To improve interoperability among databases by providing unique codes and machine-readable identifiers for institutions and collections.

GRSciColl’s Data Source and Maintenance

Information on institutions, collections and staff members is entered into GRSciColl by staff members themselves and then checked by a moderator. As a community-curated data source, content is maintained by the personnel that work with each of the institutions and collections. After initial registration, only periodic reviews and updates are required as staff changes or collections are moved or consolidated. 

For a more complete description of the structure of GRSciColl and to see a few example entries, please visit the Data Structure page.

If you’re having any problems registering or updating your records in GRSciColl, please contact us!